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I love South Florida

My grandparents on both sides had winter homes and eventually retired in Florida – my second home has always been South Florida!   Vacations and Holidays were either in Vero Beach or Delray Beach and now Parkland is home! 

About  Me

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Who I am

I am from Greenwich, CT and my family later relocated to the Midwest.  I graduated from Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, IL (GO DAWGS!) and started my career in Kansas City in computer sales.  After transitioning to medical sales and later launching a recruiting business, I lived in Chicago, had a second stint in Kansas City and finally St. Louis for several years before moving full time to Florida.  In addition to award-winning performance throughout my career, I have bought and sold multiple homes along the way.

Proven to Sell

Whether it is computers, high-tech medical imaging equipment, recruiting services or REAL ESTATE – I can SELL!  I work hard to understand my clients’ goals and deliver results!  I will work with you to develop a winning strategy for your home to gain the highest selling price and sell as fast as possible.